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              Free flow conveyor
              Item : Free flow conveyor
              Number : CP200210
              Product Description

              The equipment is divided into upper and lower conveying, the upper is the assembly line,

              and the lower is the empty tray return line.

              Product Introduction

              The front and rear sections of the free flow conveyor need to

              be equipped with simple lifting conveyors to facilitate the return of empty trays

              to the lower conveyor and supply of empty trays from the upper conveyor.

              The assembly line can be equipped with auxiliary according to

              the operating requirements of each station.

              The Free Flow conveyor line, combined with the stopper mechanism

              can make the work pieces temporarily accumulated and stored.

              It is suitable for different work stations at different working hours.

              The temporary storage function can also make each work station

              have the effect of work piece operation.

              There will be no work slowdown occurred.


              This equipment is used in the transfer of work pieces between workstations,

              such as motor assembly line, pump assembly line,

              battery assembly line, household appliance production line... etc.,

              collocation with automatic carton opening machine,

              and carton handling and transportation,

              it can make assembly and packaging one-stop automation produce.